We are only a small family of five right now, but even we benefit from a Costco membership. This was the first week that I grocery shopped at Costco, and I plan to go back each week for certain items that I have found much cheaper there. I always knew once we had a house full of hungry teenagers we would grocery shop regularly at Costco, I never thought we would need to with just two toddlers!


We have had a membership for a few years, mainly for making larger purchases and birthday and Christmas shopping. The first time we bought one, was because the stroller/car seat set I wanted was$70 cheaper there, so the membership at $55 was worth it just for that. Items like books, movies, and clothing are cheaper at Costco, and they have great deals on movie passes too! I also buy my laundry soap there (only have to buy it once a year because the jug is so large!) and the dishwasher soap we prefer is cheaper as well.

The thing to keep in mind with items at Costco, is that you need to know your prices. You need to know what an item sells for at your usual store, as well as know what the sale price is. Costco is not always cheaper. And because most items are sold in bulk, it is only worth it if you are going to use all of it up, and have room to store it. Sure that bag of peppers is a great price, but if they go bad before you eat them, it was a waste!

This trip I focused on checking out prices on certain items that I am sick of having to buy multiple times each week, and items that can be bought in bulk once a month or even every few months. Here is what I bought:
Kirkland Signature pro biotic yogurt 24 x 100ml: $8.99 (yogurt prices vary greatly, I usually buy whatever is on sale that week and has no artificial sweeteners, this Costco price is still cheaper than sale prices, and yes, we eat that much yogurt each week)

Goldfish crackers 1.36kg : $8.25 (vs regular price of 200g @ $2.99, this Costco price is a steal, and they are often on sale for an additional $2 off!)

Fruit 2 Go box of 60: $16.49(I have only ever seen these in stores sold 3 for $1)
Extra large eggs carton of 18: $3.75 (eggs are often on sale at my grocery store 18 for $2.97, but this week they weren’t.

Kirkland Signature coffee 1.36kg: $9.99 (We prefer PC coffee, which I am lucky to get on sale for $11.99 for a 1.36kg can, I will let you know if this coffee is any good)

I went to Costco before Fresh Co, to make sure the prices were actually cheaper. I had my shopping list as normal, and I was keeping in mind the Fresh Co sales. I noticed berries were a good price, but they are on sale at Fresh Co this week at a better deal, and berries go bad quick, so we might not make it through a very large container of them. Other than that, most things I was intending to buy were cheaper, and some things that weren’t on my list I noticed were cheaper too. Basic items like milk and butter are also great prices (and sold in normal sizes!) and baking supplies like dried fruits, nuts, and chocolate chips seem like great deals too. They have great prices on meat, but I hesitate to buy meat from Costco for two reasons:

1. Costco meats were a large part of the recent XL foods re-call
2. In the past we have found that the meat on the top of the pack looks great, but the second row below is not the same quality(smaller pieces of chicken, and tiny end pieces of ribs).
Do you have a Costco membership?

I would love to hear what you buy regularly, or any other incredible deals you have found there.

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