History of DWF

Dynamic Women of Faith began as a celebration!champagne

It is brainchild of a Mother’s Group, that in its twelfth year wanted to reach out to other women by creating an event that would welcome them to experience the joy of coming together in faith. On March 6, 2010, we hosted our first annual Dynamic Women of Faith conference. Recognizing the pressures faced by young girls, we have hosted several events for girls under the name, Calling ALL Girls.

In this particular Mother’s Group, women of all ages, in all stages of their Faith journey have been coming together once a month to pray together, to reflect, to learn about their Catholic Faith, to make resolutions and to change.MothersGroupNov62-300x225

We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve talked, we’ve prayed and we have been inspired and challenged. We have grown spiritually and we want you to grow too!

We host this event to give us an opportunity to reach out to other women, so that they too, might see what we’ve seen, hear what we’ve heard and enjoy the blessings, the grace, the joy, the peace and the community of hearts that we have experienced as the result of our little group.

We are a small but mighty group.

Many of us are praying for you right now. We want you to be challenged, we want you to grow.

At our meetings, we do talk about some of the speakers and issues that have touched us the most over the years. Each year, we’ve brought a few of those speakers together. We’ve prayed over some of the most pressing issues facing women today and we brought that issue to the days agenda as well.

We are a high spirited group, we love to laugh, we have a variety of different talents, we are all very different, some quite open, others very reserved, but their is one thing that we have in common; our love of God, the Catholic Church, our devotion to Jesus and Mary, the Mother of God.

We believe in miracles, we have often been surprised by the workings of the Holy Spirit in our little group. We like like surprises. We look forward to surprising you throughout the day with precious insights and spiritual treasures.

We strongly believe that God works through people. We believe that in attending one of our events you will experience the presence of God. We have no doubt that this day will touch you deeply and profoundly. We know that you will learn much and you will experience a variety of emotions, thoughts and graces. If you come with an open heart and mind, we promise you will be touched.

We are excited about our sixth conference. It’s was celebration of sorts. We are grateful that grace has sustained us, that prayer has lead us to reach out to you. We know that as a result of our little Mother’s Group, many more have started.

We want our conferences to be a real live opportunity for women from those groups, who have never met one and other to make friendships and to be inspired. We hope that women who have never heard another woman speak passionately and intelligently about their Catholic Faith journey to be given a new vision of what it means to practice your Faith.

Conference organizer, Dorothy Pilarski, motivational speaker, author, TV and radio personality has been coaching women and connecting mothers for well over 25 years, is currently looking for conference sponsors and volunteers to help with this event.

Women interested in future Dynamic Women of Faith events or if you have any ideas on how we can improve our program, we would love to hear from you!


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