Our Mission


To connect women with dynamic women who practice their Catholic Faith openly and confidently.

To encourage women to have a lively and dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ.

To inspire and educate women in both matters of Faith and practical matters.

To remind women that they each have a vocation – a call from God, to do something profound and meaningful with their lives. Fulfilling God’s plan in our lives, rather than our own will bring us the love and joy we are looking for.

To teach women how to pray and encourage them to pray daily for their individual family members.

To promote a life based on a well rooted spirituality based on the Sacraments of the Catholic Church.

To encourage and respect women of other denominations to study their faith and live it with integrity.

To help mother’s understand that the mother child bond is sacred. It is a treasure that must be protected nurtured with both time, effort and prayer.

To remind women to keep their priorities straight. Helping them to prioritize what needs to come first in their lives in the midst of competing demands.

To encourage women to follow promptings of the Holy Spirit and taking concrete risks in fulfilling what God asks of them.

To educate and equip women with the spiritual weapons necessary to fight the good fight while living this life here on earth.

To remind women that there is an enemy. There is a fight to be fought but it’s not with men or their children, it’s with evil spiritual forces, that must be discerned and conquered.

To pray for all women, of all ages, races, shapes and sizes, praying that they do reach out to God and tap into the power of their Catholic Faith.

To help women in need, with whatever resources we might have, at a specific point in time.

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