About Us

Dynamic Women of Faith is a ministry that directs its efforts towards touching the hearts, minds and souls of women in different stages of both their lives and spiritual journey. Any success in our work is completely and utterly through the Providence of God. We continually evoke the Holy Spirit to direct us in our work and daily lives.

We make every effort to encourage women to come together and inspire one and other. It is our hope that by coming together to pray, to connect and to learn about their faith, women will discover not only their dignity as women, but they will also discover but their God given talents.

We believe that each woman has a unique mission that has been entrusted to her by God. We believe that in fulfilling that mission, a woman whether married or single, will find profound peace and joy.

We encourage women to use their talents to serve not only our friends, families, schools and professional work. We exist to remind women that it is their sacred duty to use their gifts to do something for God.

Dynamic Women of Faith touches the hearts and minds of women through conferences, professional skill based workshops. small study groups, prayer groups and ordinary conversations. We aim to affect women by disseminating information through articles, book recommendations and by providing links to websites that may inform and direct women through different stages, or different trials in their lives.

We hope to cultivate a co-operative spirit amongst women– helping women understand that they need each other….and that they are needed to humanize their surroundings, their human interactions and their work, through prayer, honesty and sacrifice.

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