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The weary, lonely and brokenhearted are the audience for Jeannie Ewing’s new devotional, A Sea without a Shore.

Jeannie Ewing often writes on the meaning of suffering. Her words will resonate with readers who feel alone in their pain. While this book is centered on suffering, it is infused with hope. The meditations in chapter 8 (“Faith, Hope and Charity”) are some of the most powerful ones in the book. This, I’m sure, is no accident: these are powerful virtues, as they must be to conquer the despair that can so easily come to those beaten down by life’s difficulties.

These meditations are not casual or flip: they are heartfelt, reverent outpourings of the soul. The language is formal, even poetic, with a unique cadence. Written in the first person, each meditation invites the soul to cling to God in prayer.

This devotional is the kind of book you can flip through, scanning the headings to find just the meditation you need for that day.

Barb Szyszkiewicz is a wife, mom, and Secular Franciscan. A freelance writer, Barb serves as Editor for CatholicMom.com and is a contributing writer to Today’s Catholic Teacher magazine. Barb blogs at FranciscanMom.com and shares her family’s favorite recipes with nutrition information for diabetics at CookandCount.wordpress.com

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