BigHeartedCOVERAre you searching for the perfect Christmas gift?

Well, stop looking, because I have got one for you right here!

This past summer, I took a least a dozen books to my sister’s cottage. I read five of them and one rose to the top, as my all time favourite!

Big Hearted, Inspiring Stories from Everyday Families, 

written and compiled by Patti Armstrong & Teresa Thomas,

published by Scepter Publishers, left my heart soaring to heaven, and begging for more.

The book nourished my soul, encouraged my sagging spirit and gave me confidence that yes, dynamic faithful Catholic families do exist and no, they are not normal, they are supernatural.   

The 136 page book has 16 authors! Why?

Because the book its a bouquet of unbelievably inspiring stories, written by Catholics who not only love the church, but they live out their Catholic faith, in ways that will humble, transform, challenge, inspire, console, edify and motivate the reader.

How about that for a ringing endorsement?

Believe me, I don’t get paid for writing this blog or writing book reviews. I honestly want to get the word out about this book. You might be wondering, why….    I will get to that in a minute.

Now think about it, with Christmas around the corner, don’t you think it is important to have little gifts around the house that you can give to people that unexpectedly God brings into your life?

I sometimes like to have chocolates and a variety of little things to help spread the joy of the season.

My mom repeatedly said, “When you are buying someone a gift, don’t do it just to cross it off your list. Put a little bit of thought into it and a little bit of love, therein lies the perfect gift!”

Little Gifts with Love!

 What a perfect shopping mantra!

I have a secret to share..   I always pray to the Holy Spirit when shopping!

So, why did I love the book Big Hearted Families? 

Why do I think it is a perfect Christmas gift?

1. Because the book is a collection of short inspiring stories. You can read a little or a lot.

2. The book does not have a religious icon on the cover.

Why did I like this?

Well, it allows me to give the book to more people! Many folks are against religious books, but who can possibly be defensive against receiving a book on being Big Hearted?

3. The book is not loaded with quotes by saints, Papal encyclicals and Vatican documents.

What the book does, through the stories, is demonstrate the fruits of living an authentic Catholicity! The book is highly accessible, highly readable and unbelievably believable. This book is loaded with Catholics that are the real deal.  

4. I  love the titles and the topics of the stories too!

Why Women CookFrom Riches to Rags, Not What We PlannedFor Heaven Snakes, Christmas without Money, all stories that caught my attention. When I read The Most Successful Woman in the World, by Stacy Trasanocos, I really wanted to find this woman and have a cup of coffee with her!

5. I could tell you more.

   But then I would have to write a book about the book!

   How smart would that be?

Don’t put the book on your list, buy the book right now! It’s even available on Kindle, so you can treat yourself!

Buy YOURSELF a gift !!! If you are a hard working Catholic mom, you deserve it!  CLICK HERE

If you want to visit Patti’s website, you will find more treasures!

Now, I couldn’t find Theresa Thomas’ website, I think from the picture below, you will figure out why!

Ya think, maybe she’s too busy? I personally think it’s a miracle that she got involved int his project!

I am friends with her on Facebook, so I have the great pleasure of seeing snapshots of her daily life!

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