True Radiance

 Lisa Mladinich’s book True Radiance is subtitled “Finding Grace in the Second Half of Life.”

That subtitle! Since I read this book, I guess I’m admitting that I am squarely in the second half of life. Now, I don’t mind the gray hairs that are appearing with increased frequency, but yikes! The second half of life!

It’s time to make sure that this half of my life is not time wasted.

Covering such topics as beauty (interior and exterior), spiritual motherhood, friendship, self-care and interior peace, Lisa Mladinich takes aim in this book at the idea (which I’ve bought into more than I might care to admit) that women “of a certain age” have less to offer. In True Radiance, Lisa explains just how much more we have to give.

Chapter 9, “Don’t Tempt Me!” was one I particularly needed to read (and one I need to re-read) in my struggles with negative attitudes.

This book is a tribute to the power of the grace of God. Lisa Mladinich shares her own story of growth, conversion and transformation as she encourages the reader to rely on and cooperate with grace in the second half of life.

Even readers like me, who might not want to admit that the second half of life is where they are right now.

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