Here’s a book that has kept me up too late at night this week:  readers will feel that they are eyewitnesses to second-century events as they read Georgios, a historical novel by A.K. Frailey. Georgios, the protagonist, is a 13-year-old boy who runs away from home after hearing distressing news. The novel covers his travels, adventures and learning experiences.

Surprising but not implausible plot twists and plenty of characters with treacherous motives give this novel wide appeal. gEORGEOUS

This book is also the beginning of a story of a faith journey, as readers are introduced to some of the earliest Christians. It is obvious that more than one character is seeking the truth; little by little they are guided toward Jerusalem in search of the second generation of Christ’s followers.

This novel is first in a series, so be prepared for a cliffhanger ending. I’m already pestering the author to finish the next installment!

Georgios:  Hidden Heritage book 1 is appropriate for middle-school and teen readers and is available in paperback and Kindle format.

About the author:  Ann Frailey writes from her rural home while educating eight children. Her family-friendly novels are packed with adventure but never lose sight of higher ideals.

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