I hope after reading this reflection by Father Morgan, you will ask yourself a couple of questions:

What impressions might my actions be creating in my children’s hearts?

As a homemaker, what visible signs are in my home, that make it clear that our family is Catholic?

“My mother’s commitment to the first Friday devotions and to the first Saturday devotions in hail, rain, and snow were a concrete, visible sign of her commitment, reverence, and fidelity to the great gift of the Eucharist. Her tender and consistent devotion to the nightly family rosary and our annual visits to Our Lady’s Shrine of Monk always left me with a sense of wonder about life and what was beyond this life.

The beautiful and attractively framed picture of a priest celebrating the Eucharist, that hung on our Catholic Homekitchen wall, was eye-catching for me. It vividly portrayed a priest raising the host at the consecration of the Mass, with angels descending from heaven and two altar boys kneeling on either side of the priest, reverently holding the end of his chasuble.

I was always attracted to that picture. That scene encased in a large gold frame often haunted me and hunted me. As a little boy, I often fantasized about becoming an altar server some day. As a visual learner, it left a powerful imprint on my imagination. That picture, more than anything else I can remember, placed the idea of priesthood in my mind. It caused me to think a lot about my future. I felt drawn to the Eucharist and drawn to the priesthood, although I was never really certain that this is what I wanted to do with my life…

These childhood and adolescent experiences influenced the way I choose to live out my specific calling in life. A priest is called to promote unity and reconciliation within himself, with others, and with God.

In effect, I am a priest today because of God’s graced invitation to consecrate my energies to a life of feeding people with the bread of life and the word of life.”

Emmanuel Magazine – September, 1994
Fr. Thomas J. Morgan

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