Colorful glitter glue isolated on whiteSo I am sitting here tonight in my mess enjoying the quiet.  I made the biggest batch of chili I have ever made that is being doled out to the homeless tomorrow, so my house smells great tonight.

But that has nothing to do with glitterbombs.

A few days ago my two year old managed to find a brand new container of glitter make up and dump it in my master bathroom.

Do you have any idea about how much square footage one of those tiny containers can cover???  It is all over my clothes, my husband’s work shirts, my jacuzzi, my sink.   Shocking really.  So my master plan was to cover it in a towel, warn my husband, and figure out how to deal with it later (procrastination ALWAYS solves problems like this, right?).  The result?

Well, my six year old got to have a bath in my tub yesterday.  So, she got out, grabbed what she thought was a clean towel (from the floor??  Who would think a towel on the floor is clean???), and wrapped it around herself.  Glitter successfully transferred to my child and in a lovely sparkling path down the hall, down my stairs, and into my living room, where I appropriately freaked out, and sent her back up to shower.  Which she did.  In her bathroom.

So now I have glitter in 2 bathrooms, a hallway, a bedroom, my living room, all over my laundry room, and in my husbands clothes.  And just to add to the awesomeness of the experience, I washed the towel (thinking that might help) and his work shirt only to find he had left a pack of gum which I didn’t detect in his pocket.

So, lesson of the night:  If a bomb explodes, clean it up immediately, and thoroughly.   Covering it up and pretending it is not there only increases the mess and makes for a bigger problem later.  I suppose this is a life lesson that can work in relationships too.

And check pockets for gum.  Every time.

PeggyZallasPeggy Zallas is a Catholic wife and mom of 4 girls (10, 8, 4, 3).  The family has two female chihuahuas, a female bordercollie/greyhound X, a hamster, and some fish. You can find out more about her adventures and see her stunning photographs, on either her blog Catholic Momma  or her Facebook page

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