My morning routine consists of trying on 15 outfits with none quite doing it for me- Too tight, too frumpy, too short, too long, too black, too colourful…

Angie PettyJohn

Angie Pettyjohn, the author of this post is beautiful wife and mother. She is also a mortgage agent specializing in real estate investments via syndicate mortgages.

Ladies you know how the story goes, I’m surely not the only one!!

Gosh such self-loathing craziness!

Today was no different for me. I ended up throwing “whatever” on and left the house. Before heading to the office, I went to Shopper’s to pick up all my “placebo feel good remedies”. Grabbed my loot and headed for the car.

A total stranger stopped me and complimented me on how I looked!

Tearfully, I thanked her and told her about my morning and how much I truly appreciated her compliments today! Nuts, but we hugged each other (I’m tearing up now as I write this!!)-

She held my hands and told me I was beautiful.

There are so many morals to this story but one that struck a cord with me most…

As woman of a certain age, we are grasping at finding our new beauty, and often we don’t receive those compliments that we use to. It’s important that we accept ourselves and love ourselves but it sure feels great to be acknowledged. That lady made my day and I decided that I will pay this forward.



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