DWF Twitter 2Enough already! Seems like every day, a new rap artist comes out with some swanky video demonizing social media. Most recently Prince EA put out a 3 minute video called, Can we auto – correct humanity? While I get the point – In my own case being on social media has brought me blessing upon blessing. Too many to count.

1. Mentors  On Facebook I have met people like internationally renown Catholic authors, the likes of Donna Cooper – O’Boyle, Colleen Hammond, Leticia Velasquez, Lisa Hendey, Elena Vidal and alike. Not only did they encourage me in my writing of Motherhood Matters, they endorsed it. Since that time, they have become cheerleaders, mentors, book reviewers and prayer warriors. How awesome is that? Three have them have spoken at the Dynamic  Women of Faith conference we host in Toronto.

2. Prayer Warriors    I will never forget the year I was rear ended by a transport truck and couldn’t leave the house, or hosptial for that matter.    I will never forget the evening my husband rushed off to the hospital only to find out his dad died. I was left at home alone with the kids, I turned to my Facebook community and prayers were immediately offered up. Technology also allows me to send a prayer request to Mother Angelica’s nuns, any time of the day or night. What a relief. Thank God for technology.

3. Catholic Community   Let’s face it, most of my friends and family think I am a little over the top Catholic. Where else can I find well over a 1,000 folks that are as crazy as I am about praying the rosary, learning about saints, evangelizing and staring down my sins? Facebook is more than just Facebook for me,it is a community of Catholics who are there to chat, warn, educate, share,support, pray and yes LIKE my little world and its status.

4. Opportunity  A radio station, that came to know of my work and style on Facebook approached me to become a radio host. That’s one of the things I do now. I don’t know about you, but in my world, that is cool.

5. Research & Professional Tool  When writing a book, newspaper column, producing a radio program or planning an event, I can always rely on my Facebook friends to recommend a book, speaker, quote or encyclical. In launching this website, looking for contributors, where did I turn? Not the Yellow Pages. Where else would I find Catholic bloggers?

6.  Emergency Support  I will never forget the day I was in ICU with my husband at 2:00am. A priest in another time zone, who happened to be available at the moment, supported me, gave me spiritual instruction and ensured my husband got the sacrament of the sick while in the hospital. Amazing blessing, all through Facebook.

7. Marketing Tool   I have worked on contract with Toronto Right to Life, been on the marketing team in the promotion of screenings of a Catholic movie, I have host a Catholic women’s conference, Dynamic Women of Faith, a mother daughter event, Calling ALL Girls – I have also had to promote both of my books. Social Media, technology overall has dramatically impacted my ability to evangelize and get the word out about these events, books and products.

8. Parental Support Parenting kids in this generation has its unique set of challenges. Being online, on Facebook, Instagram, Texting, Pinterest has definitely helped me get a glimpse of the remarkable world my teens live in. It often gives me something concrete to talk about. I can send them articles, videos and other great stuff. I can communicate with them in more than one way. Technology has also allowed me to reach out to other parents annonymously or not – to seek help when I am stuck on a particular issue.

9. The L- Factor   If you want to stay on top of the game in the techie world, you do have to commit to the L- Factor, the Love of continuous learning. My brain has been forced to go for twists and turns, forever growing, learning striving and determined to solve problems.

10. Laughing Out Loud   I have a dear friend Kathy Schiffer on FB who is always posting something funny! She literally puts a smile on my face every single day. Never mind the countless inspirational videos, quotes and memes that keep my spirits up daily.


PS. I have a confession to make. Our family has been know to go out for breakfast after Sunday mass. Yes, we love to chat,but after that, we have been known to pull out our phones and then talk about what is happening in our respective worlds. Honestly, it is not a sin. Life is too short to waste it on judging others for being on their social media of choice!


PageLines- DorothyFence.jpgDorothy Pilarski is the founder of Dynamic Women of Faith, author, Catholic radio host, motivational speaker, blogger at Gutsy Catholic Mom, guest columnist with the Catholic Register and a facilitator on Salt + Light TV. Visit her at www.dorothypilarski.com

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