I have to admit, I have never joined a political party before, but yesterday I did. Why?
So, I can support a candidate I am genuinely excited about for the Ontario PC leadership, Tanya Granic Allen.

Tanya Granic Allen

I am appealing to you, to do exactly the same.

This is time-sensitive, action is required. Please sign up for PC Party Ontario Membership today Friday February 16, 2018 and pass on this email to your friends and groups.

We can really make a difference.

Tanya Granic Allen has spoken at two Dynamic Women of Faith conferences. In 2015, she challenged DWF participants and asked them, What is Your Focus? At last years 2017 DWF conference she spoke on Finding Your Catholic Voice, the talk had many sitting on the edge of their seats. It was an incredible talk. Women wanted to hear more!

Well now, we have an opportunity to hear her a lot more, by giving her our immediate support.

Tanya was phenomenal  in the Ontario PC leadership debate yesterday! She is a true and strong voice for our values, most especially for families, and children. She is authentically pro-life, pro free-speech, and grass-roots, against government waste and spending and stopping the carbon tax.

She is a devout Catholic Christian and totally committed to scrapping the horrendous, objectionable and age-inappropriate sections of sex-ed curriculum designed in part by the convicted paedophile Benjamin Levin for Kathleen Wynne. She is a true conservative in all issues, fiscal and social.

She has strong support, has easily raised the $100,000 to run, and you can vote for her!  She just won the first leadership debate.

To vote for her as our PC provincial leader in March, you HAVE TO BE A PC MEMBER! Tonight at 11:59 is the deadline for you to sign up on line – it’s only $10 and will take a minute.

See below:
Please click here and sign up – it only costs $10.
This is so important to all of us – she has a real chance to win the leadership of the Ontario PC Party, but she needs the votes of people who care about these issues.
According to both the Toronto Star, and the CBC she won the debate!

Here is the link to watch the debate – she really took them on – please watch.


At the end of the debate, each of the four candidates conducted individual interviews with the media that are also worth watching.

As a reminder, the deadline to buy a PC membership and vote is TONIGHT at 11:59pm.
Here is what you need to know:

  1. There will be a vote to select the next leader of the Ontario PC Party starting on March 2nd and ending on March 9th, 2018. Only current members of the PC party will be eligible to vote (online).
  2. It is NOT TOO LATE TO JOIN the Ontario PC Party! The deadline to join is TONIGHT at 11:59 p.m. The fee is $10 for a one-year membership.
  3. To join, visit: https://secure.ontariopc.com/partyjoin.
  4. Anyone who lives in Ontario, is at least fourteen (14) years of age, and who is either a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident, can join.
  5. After you join, you will receive, by email, instructions on how to vote in the party’s online voting system. Please note, the Ontario PC Party will not be sending you a membership card! So do not wait for one.

Visit Tanya’s website and ACT – Remember before MIDNIGHT tonight!!!

By the way, the EARLY BIRD special for the 2018 Dynamic Women of Faith conference and the Calling ALL Girls event is coming up on February 20, 2018 – so please don’t miss it! REGISTER TODAY !

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