Another year has almost gone and here we are again. Advent. The season of waiting. The season of expectation.

From the first Sunday of Advent we are told to “keep awake” for we do not know when the Lord is coming. We need to prepare ourselves for the coming of that beautiful babe, our Messiah. Advent also is a time of magical and wonderous happenings – we rejoice in our lives, we share with our families, and we prepare ourselves for Jesus, who is coming for each and every one of us, to save us, and to guide us. He is our hope and our joy. He is our light.

We are looking to encounter Christ, especially during this time of year. But where can we find him? Is he the widow who is alone and lacks a companion? Is he the shut-in who does not venture out for fear of rejection? Is he the child who is new to the school and has no friends? Is he the disabled person trying to navigate their way to the local coffee shop to grab a cup and just be around others so they don’t feel so alone?

Jesus is all of them and all of us. This year, look for the “other” who may need a helping hand – someone who is sick and doesn’t venture out. Someone who is alone after the loss of a beloved spouse or family member. Someone who is new to the community and needs a friend. Someone who may need a little help navigating the streets and crowds during this busy time of year.

We do not know when the hour is coming, when we will meet our Lord face-to-face. Create a magical Christmas for someone. Keep the light of Christ shining.

Are you ready?

Rema Celio

Rema Celio is a happily married mom of two young boys and lives in Toronto. She is an active member of St. Benedict Parish.

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