Tonight I got a feeling that I had as a young child.

It was a distinct feeling, the feeling of it being Sunday night. Chicken breasts and roasted potatoes in the oven, plans to go to the 7pm mass, and then my boys will be watching the Superbowl and I will complain about the the entertainment.

There is something distinct about that Sunday night feeling.

I remember having the feeling of contentment watching Bonanza or the Lawrence Welk Show. I had just had a good dinner, I was at home safe with my mom, dad and sister. I knew I was loved. I was taken care of. I knew I belonged in this home of love and I knew that God loved me, He was watching over me. It was a time where men were men, marriages were marriages between on man and one woman. There was very little confusion in my home, disagreements yes,  hurt feelings yes, but always some form on reconciliation on Sundays.

It is so good to have that feeling today. I hope I have given my kids at least a glimpse of that feeling which I have come to treasure so much.

What makes your Sunday divine and distinct?

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