Yesterday was the feast of Saint Cornelius. To many this is an obscure, long ago Pope they would never StCorneliusknow of if they didn’t attend daily Mass to learn he even existed.  Well for me, he is a constant prayer partner whom I happened to meet by chance after a night of open souled, think open minded if the term souled is confusing, prayer.  Here is how I met the Pope and why yesterday served as a little miracle for me:

I’ve been a member, now leader, of a mothers group in Otis Orchards, Washington for almost 6 years now.  One of the first books we read/discussed had a chapter on the Saints and needing to find prayer partners for ourselves.  Growing up I can’t really remember a time when we invoked the saints for much.  Well shortly after the group discussion on the saints, where it turned out several of the ladies had extensive relationships with multiple members of the Communion, my family suffered a medical situation with my oldest brother.  He now suffers from epilepsy and will be on meds for the rest of his life.

Later that night I thought hard about this whole intersession thing with the Saints and I thought I’d give it a try.  I can remember being in the baby’s room and asking God to give me a saint to help me pray for my brother.  The name Cornelius came to me.  My only explanation for this is God.  I mean really, who thinks up the name Cornelius at 11pm?

After getting the baby back to sleep I rushed downstairs to Google the saint.  Sure enough there was a Saint READCartoonBookCornelius from the 4th century.  One of his patronages is for people with epilepsy.  Needless to say I was quite freaked out, elated and again freaked out.  So I rushed up and woke up my sweet Methodist husband to tell him.  He wasn’t quite as thrilled, but so my relationship with Cornelius began.

Now to my little miracle on his feast day:  I have been praying with Cornelius for years now asking him to help my brother.  Well yesterday during Mass after learning it was the feast day I offered all my intentions for the day to my brother and asked for Cornelius’ intersession.

That afternoon my mother called me in tears.  Apparently it had been a rough day with my brother, but he had finally come to the conclusion that it was time to seek help for his alcoholism.  I immediately smiled.  It may seem odd to feel joy after hearing the news, but my mother understood my feelings after I told her about my intentions for the day.  The consolation she felt from knowing Cornelius’ assistance was something my mother needed.

I left the church yesterday morning with this happy feeling, knowing I had a prayer warrior in Heaven helping me.  And sure enough he did.  We still have a long way to go, but the first step is here.  So I’ll continue to celebrate and build my relationship with this long ago Pope believing in the power of our amazing Communion of Saints.

Brothers and Sisters I encourage you to open your souls to God’s voice and utilize the amazing connections we have with the people face to face with our Creator.

Jessica Morgan
Spokane, Washington

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