1.  Can I stay at the hotel ? Is it a nice hotel? 

Yes! Yes! and Yes! The International Plaza is a beautiful hotel with a variety of amenities to enjoy, including a spa, gym, swimming pool, shopping and a variety of restaurants. It is about 7 minutes from the Toronto airport.





2.  How about lunch?                           InternationalPlazaDinner

You may enjoy lunch in one of the several restaurants in the hotel, the Orchard Cafe has a fantastic menu. You can get a soup and salad in the $10.00-$12 range. Lunch is on your own. For women that are a little adventurous, you can certainly walk across the street and find a Swiss Chalet, Harvey’s or a number of other great restaurants. 


3. Parking

We are happy to announce that we have a discount on parking too! When you arrive at the hotel and park – take the stub from the parking machine. Please make sure to get a $4.00 discount voucher from one of our volunteers at the registration table, the day of the conference. When you are leaving the parking lot, first insert the original parking stub – after that you put in that stub, insert the discount stub our team will provide. The discount will be applied at that time.

4. Coffee Breaks       


In order to keep this conference at a reasonable price point, we have decided it best that we leave you to decide whether or not you would like to purchase a coffee that day. Purchasing coffee from the hotel is $5.00 and cup plus gratuities. If you would like a coffee, a muffin or breakfast, please make your way to Starbucks which is in the hotel lobby. 

5. Is there going to be a mass?

After prayerful consideration, we decided that we will not be asking a priest to celebrate mass on site. Our program runs from 8:30am-5:00pm and we have eight speakers. It is a very tight schedule and we do not want to rush through the celebration of mass. Secondly, we would like to maintain reverence in the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. With round tables, which we have traditionally had – it might be difficult to keep the atmosphere solemn for mass.  

There is a Catholic church five minutes away from the hotel where the conference is being held. Transfiguration of Our Lord is literally just minutes away. They have a Saturday evening mass at 5:30pm which will fulfill your Sunday obligation..

***Please keep checking the website – If we decide to have a mass onsite, we will definitely inform you.

6. If I register for DWF, do I attend Calling ALL Girls?

Both of these events are separate events being organized by our association. You must register and pay for these program individually.

7. What time do the programs start? What time do they finish?

The Dynamic Women of Faith conference starts at 8:30am SHARP. It finishes at 5:00pm.

The Calling ALL Girls program starts at 7:00pm SHARP. It finishes at 10:00pm.

8. I have invited my friends for the conference. Is that OK? Can we sit together?

We rely on your help in getting the word out about our events. Thank you for inviting your friends. Keep on inviting women outside the fold. An invitation can be the beginning of a remarkable journey for them! If you have registered on the behalf of others, please make sure to:

****Send us an email with the NAMES of the women you are attending with.

****Have the names written out, in block capitals, along with your paypal receipt and hand it to the registration team the day of the conference. This simple act, will help the registration team.

****If you would like to sit together, please arrive together!

9. When I register will I get a ticket?

No. There are not tickets being issued for the conference.

When you pay for your registration on line, you will get a receipt issued by Paypal. Please bring that receipt as proof of payment on the day of the conference. If you pay by cheque, please be sure to add the HST to the total before writing the cheque.  

 Registration for DWF of Faith Conference is $45 PLUS HST = $50.85 per registration.

Registration for Calling ALL Girls is $25 PLUS HST = $28.25  per registration.

Please make the cheques payable to DYNAMIC WOMEN ASSOCIATION OF ONTARIO.**

10. Will registrations be available at the door, on the day of the events?

*******We cannot guarantee availability of spots on the day of the events. There have been occasions where we have sold out. To be guaranteed a spot at either of the events, it is best to register ahead of time. Registration online is the simplest and fastest way to guarantee you a spot.

11.  What is the schedule for the Dynamic Women of Faith conference?

              Register! and find out!

12. What rooms are the events in?

The Calling ALL Girls event is in the New York Room 

The Dynamic Women of Faith Conference is in the Plaza A Room


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