Tuning into the coverage of the our Holy Father’s visit to the USA, has been such an incredible blessing. Moments of joy, spectacular welcoming crowds, political speeches, blessings of children, devotional prayers, homilies and an overwhelming spirit of joy have left marks on my soul.

If you haven’t had time to watch the coverage live, please remember you can still revel in the graces. It is not too late!

  1. Here is the text to Pope Francis’ speech to congress.
  2. Here is the reflection His Holiness gave in his meeting with the homeless.
  3. We have been glued to the LIVE coverage on EWTN switching to Salt & Light TV to get more!
  4. There are great resources at the World Meeting of Families website! 
  5. For some fantastic photographs visit this website.
  6. For the text of Pope Francis’ message at Group Zero click here.
  7. Time magazine has published our Holy Father’s speech to the United Nations.
  8. Salt & Light TV has provided excellent coverage! Here is Pope Francis’ homily at the Mass celebrate at Madison Square Gardens.
  9. For the address of His Holiness Pope Francis, Meeting for Religious Liberty Independence Mall,  click HERE
  10. For Pope Francis’ homily to clergy at Sts. Peter & Paul Cathedral, visit Salt & Light TV.


Tonight Pope Francis will be visiting the Festival of Families! I just can’t wait to watch the live coverage either on Salt & Light or EWTN!

What has touched you about the Papal visit so far? We would love to hear from you!

PS. Remember to check your sources when it comes to Pope Francis. Apparently there are many detractors out there that are attributing false claims about what the Pope did or did not say. For a list of reliable Vatican sources, please click here.


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