Social-Media-Moms-InfographicA new crop of mothers in our world use social media and technology in every aspect of their daily lives.  When you are a mother with young children, these outlets are often used to vent, to talk about all of the struggles. 

Many of us weren’t prepared for the long hours, bodily fluids, germs and crying. We were not prepared for the lack of understanding we constantly faced from our husbands.

They just didn’t know what we faced as mothers day in and day out.

How could they?

I am one of those women.

Boy did God give me a wake up call with my first child, Amelia.  She was the definition of a high needs child – colicky with acid reflux. She was only happy when she was on the breast.  I went from a wonderful career as a Marketing Manager to a life revolving around nap time.  To be honest I doubt I painted a pretty picture of motherhood to my contacts on Social Media.  

The identity crisis I faced that first year was hard. 

When I grew up thinking I’d have this high powered job, a husband who turned to Christ the way I did, and all the kids He wanted me to have. Starting my life as a mother in the fashion I did — it was not in the cards. 

As Dorothy points out in her book, I was not alone.  It takes courage to go against a culture that says a woman’s worth is measured the same way a mans is.  Woman have courage, if you want a family to be your primary focus in life, work for it.  


One of Dorothy’s own turning points is described in the book as an encounter at a zoo.  Reading this encounter opens an honest discussion on how Catholics, women and society in general view motherhood.  I read this section and looked at the encounter from both points of view.  Upon reflection I asked myself this one questions, “Am I portraying the beauty of motherhood in such a way as to inspire other woman to answer this vocation in their own life?”  At the time my answer was easily NO.  

I’m thankful for this eye opening reflection. Motherhood indeed opens one up to a beautiful life.  Mothers get special graces from God that can only come about through the nurturing, love and development of the souls God entrusts us with. 

So I encourage anyone struggling with the two forces, God and Society, to read Dorothy’s book and find encouragement.  Answering God’s call isn’t always easy, but it is absolutely worth it.   

Jessica Morgan, Mother of 3

Spokane Valley, WA

God Bless and thank you the prayer and encouragement.   Know you’ll always have a group of women in Washington State praying for you.

Jessica Morgan

St. Gabriel’s Group



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