HOLY WEEK is here.

Here are eight ideas for you to ‘maximize’ the opportunities this week affords.holyweek

Other ideas? Leave them below!

1. Attend as many of the liturgy opportunities we have as possible this week, according to your ability

2. Stay close to morning and evening prayer this week, especially Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Pick up a Magnificat, a breviary, download the eBreviary app (free), or find them at divineoffice.org.

3. Do as much planning today as possible before Thursday, so you can enter into the Triduum weekend with a clear mind, not worrying about what you have to do.

4. Spend at least 5 simple minutes, every single day this week, reading the Gospel. Doesn’t matter where or what – just be close to Jesus in the Word this week.

5. Sit in silence for five minutes every day this week, and ask God to speak to you. Write down what you hear; even if you don’t keep a journal the rest of the year, keep one this week.

6. Watch the Passion of the Christ, if possible, before or on Good Friday.

7. On Easter Sunday, make sure to spend a few minutes in prayer in the EVENING as well.

8. At the Mass and in the breviary, the prayers are the same for eight straight days, to celebrate and commemorate Easter Sunday. Take advantage and attend daily Mass during Easter week!

Written by special guest Lisa Barrett Roder who studied theology at the Franciscan University of Stuebenville who says these thought originally came from  Our Lady of  of Good Counsel in MI. 

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