I can remember many books, places, moments and people along my journey of Faith, that solidified my Catholic Faith, one book in particular made me think and rethink the true Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist as taught to me by my mom and the Felician Sisters, namely Sister Archangela who prepared me for my First Holy Communion.

At one point one has to decide, if what Jesus said about His Body and Blood is true.  CorpusChristiCanva

After many years of prayer,  reflection, healing and countless experiences of Christs miraculous presence in the Eucharist, I came to fully and really believe, yes, He is there. The Eucharist is not just a symbol, it is not just a wafer, but it is really Him, the same Jesus Christ who came down from heaven, performed countless miracles, preached, was crucified, resurrected, ascended into heaven and is still alive and among us today.

Several encounters with the Risen Lord, many graces,  supernatural gifts and occurrences remind me daily of the preciousness of the Eucharist.

I often meditate on the reality that many Catholics do not believe in His true Presence in the Eucharist, because if they did, the Catholic church would be filled to the brim, not only on Sundays, but everyday.

I often marvel at the graces I have been given, knowing full well, I do not deserve them. Everything in me, desires to have every single soul experience the love of Jesus Christ – while I do my best, I am only to well aware of my shortcomings in evangelizing others.

I have come to see, all is a gift – including the gift of Faith.



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