Ashes to GO

I know most Catholics are off Facebook for Lent. Not me! I would like to share the ¬†JOYS of technology… this Lent.

My daughter was getting on the GO TRAIN this morning to go to school (university) and guess what’s at the GO STATION for commuters going downtown?


I love this outreach! Fantastic! I am sure there are hundreds of people that did a double take and said, “What’s Ash Wednesday?” I was so happy she shared it with me!

How are you reaching out to others this Lent? Hey, maybe you can invite someone to be your guest at the Dynamic Women of Faith conference this year?

I love any creative forms of outreach! We are not supposed to keep our light under a bushel, or keep the Good News all to ourselves. What are YOU going to do this Lent to bring complete strangers closer to Christ?

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