My husband and I have delivered corporate training programs internationally – oftentimes addressing corporate and personal blindspots. As external consultants to many corporations, we help clients see what they sometimes can’t see because they are in the thick of it. You can only imagine my delight and surprise this morning when I came across a Youtube video this morning called Spiritual Blind Spots. Father Mike does an outstanding job, explaining what a blindspot is and how to deal with it.

It did get me thinking about blind spots in parenting. Blindspots at Christmas.

A few days ago, I attended a  Mothers Group hosted by and the discussion got pretty heated. And guess what we were talking about – Christmas of all things. Here we were, a group of Catholic moms at odds with what were some “best practices” for keeping Christ in Christmas in a highly secular culture, within extended families that are often estranged from any religious affiliations what so ever.

What does a mom do?

Advent is a great time to ask themselves some spiritual questions.

  1. Is is right to tell children that their Christmas gifts come from Santa Claus?
  2. Do we have a right as parents to limit the number of gifts children get from family members?
  3. Is there a “correct” number of gifts to give, or receive?
  4. Do we remind ourselves and our children that it was in fact Christ that received the gifts at Christmas?
  5. Do we fast on Christmas Eve? Do we celebrate as a sacred time or a big family party?
  6. How do we, or do we, celebrate Christmas with people that do not even acknowledge Christ as the Son of God? Are we spiritually proud, if we refuse to? Are those celebrations redeemable?
  7. How do we handle estranged family members, members that have just written us off? Or family tensions, anxieties, or Christmas parties where people get obnoxiously drunk?
  8. Do we remember that Christmas in our Catholic tradition is in fact celebrated for 12 days?
  9. If we only take the time to remember the poor during Advent & Lent, does it really count?

Probably the most potent question we have to ask ourselves as Catholic moms is this:

Is it spiritual pride that is at the root of some of our attitudes and actions?

One thing that struck me at this last Mothers Group is this, a loving Catholic community offers us the opportunity to examine our spiritual blindspots, challenging each of us personally. What an exhilarating discussion we had at Mothers Group! Do you have any memories of moments that helped you discover some of your spiritual blindspots?

I remember  my dad talking about them and saying to my mom,

“Teresa, you should go to confession for me, I don’t know what I did wrong, I think I am a great guy!” A chuckle would always ensue, my dad wholeheartedly agreed in humility to his blindspots. My parents always chuckled that they should go to confession for one and other. Why not Ask your husband, your children, this powerful question: “If you were to go to confession in my place for me, what sins would you confess?”

Three ways to grow spiritually before Christmas:

  1. Join a  community that allows for discussion – with it’s aim to help you grow spiritually. It is really hard to grow spiritually in a vacum next to impossible. As Catholics, we are blessed, there are so many communities! If you are a mom, we encourage you to join a Catholic Moms Group!
  2. Read a good, solid Catholic book or article written by saints, priests, or your favourite Catholic author. Check the LINKS section of website to find FREE downloadable books!
  3. Make a good confession. I cannot resist posting another one of Father Mike’s Utube videos. He really is great!

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