1.  You will meet at well over 100 AMAZING women who love God. 

2.  You will be inspired, refreshed and re-energized.
3.  You will have a day without housework. In fact, someone will serve YOU!
4.  You will bump into women you miss, women you haven’t seen in a long time.
5.  You will meet published authors, like Gary Zimak! Moira Noonan! and more!
6.  You will learn new strategies that will invigorate you and refresh your soul.
7.  You will discover new books, CD’s and resources! Shop if  you like!
8.  You will be showered with graces during the season Lent. 
9.   You will not have to cook dinner! The day ends at 5:00pm.  It will be too late!
10. Bring a friend or two and you will have a blast! You will have fun. Promise.
11.  You will hear GREAT music. You will probably start singing too!
Think no more! Just register HERE

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