As mothers we have many important tasks when it comes to our children: feed them, clothe them, discipline them. All very important jobs as parents, but our biggest job of all is teaching our children about their Faith and helping them get to heaven. But how do we do this? And how do we “find our tribe” to help us with this huge task?

We are the first educators when it comes to religious teachings. Not the Church, and not the school. We are the ones that need to set the best example for our kids when it comes to everything. But especially when it comes to our Faith. Leading by example is the best way for children to learn to love Jesus. They need to see us going to Mass and enjoying it. Loving our Faith by making it part of our daily life. They need to see us praying, and they need to know we are there to pray with them and for them.

With all we are bombarded with as parents these days, adding something else to our to-do list seems impossible. But what gets on that list and on that schedule shows what is truly important to us. Praying for, and working on getting our kids to heaven requires help. It’s no easy task, and I know I find myself needing help with this. I am so blessed to have an incredible spouse who is a devout Catholic, but we still find ourselves needing encouragement and help along this parenting road.


Where is the help we need?

Praying and reading scripture, and learning more about your Faith can help you with lots of things in your life. But finding a group of like-minded families and friends is a must. And finding trusted sources for advice is important too. The easiest way to accomplish both of these is to attend Catholic events. Events filled with other people searching for the same thing as you. Events with inspiring Catholic speakers and vendors selling reliable Catholic resources.

I had the pleasure of attending yet another Dynamic Women of Faith Conference recently. I drove a van full of women from my Mothers Group, and we joined 400 other women for an incredible day. We attended Mass which was celebrated by Cardinal Collins. The day was filled with inspiring talks from incredible Catholic speakers like Dr. Ray Gaurendi, Fr Eric Mah, and Mary Wagner. And we had the chance to shop at so many amazing Catholic vendors.

If you have never attended a Catholic event like this, I really encourage you to go. Not only will you learn very valuable information from incredible speakers, but you will meet so many inspiring people. People from all walks of life, at all different stages of life, with one thing in common: they love their Faith. How do I know they love their Faith? They were willing to take a day from their very busy schedules to attend an amazing Catholic event! The amount of knowledge and encouragement that you can get from just sitting with these people and hearing their stories is reason enough to attend.


I found my tribe, as they like to say

Because of events like the annual Dynamic Women of Faith conference I have found the women who I need in my life. The women who pray for me and who encourage me daily. In other words, I found my tribe!

Raising Catholic children in a secular world isn’t easy; you need an incredible support system to back you up! Attending this event for the first time many many years ago, introduced me to Dorothy Pilarski, and led to me starting up my very own Catholic Mothers Group at my Parish. These incredible women and all the speakers over the years have given me the strength and the support I needed to become less introverted and go out on my own to find even more incredible Catholic women. They encourage me daily to grow my relationship with Jesus and Mary and the Saints. And they are always praying for me and my family.


The very first Dynamic Women of Faith Conference happened ten years ago.

Ten years ago another local Catholic mom was searching for more women like herself and as a result, started up her very own Catholic Mothers Group, which is now one of the biggest in the entire Arch Diocese.

And ten years ago this Easter I was Baptised and Confirmed in the Catholic Church.


What if none of us had said yes ten years ago? Would the landscape of Catholic women and mothers across the GTA look different? Imagine what is possible if you say yes to attending an amazing Catholic event or searching out a local Mothers Group!

Did Mary know what lied ahead of her, and how profound her yes to God was? I’m not sure if she did or not at that moment, and I don’t think I knew just how profound my decision was to attend my first Catholic women’s conference years ago, but it has been life changing!

I knew I wanted to grow my Faith and to find other mothers like me. Little did I know I would end up helping to start and grow an amazing Mother’s Ministry in the Arch Diocese of Toronto and beyond. And that I would find those mothers and build incredible friendships. I did find the support I had prayed for, and encouragement to help me help my kids get to heaven.

I realize this event is in the past, but there are always more! Check out the upcoming Catholic Mothers Summit and the Catholic Moms Group website to see if there is a group in your area, or for information about starting one.

Say yes to searching out like-minded women and families. They will be a blessing beyond anything you can imagine. They will help you and your children get to heaven!

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