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If you want to create a stir in Catholic circles, just bring up one of three topics:

the practice of yoga 
the Harry Potter series
or tattoos! 

Really, it’s a done deal, throw those topics into the mix and you will get a heated debate going on either side.

It’s remarkable to watch how self righteous and down right vicious women can get when they disagree. I get really tired repeating myself over and over again. I am opinionated.

I do have a need to be heard, that’s why I blog, so here it goes,

Do not get a tattoo! 

I have heard all the arguments on both sides and while getting one might be all the rage and it seems

 “fashionable, romantic, enigmatic, artistic, meaningful or unique” 

chances are very good that you will regret getting a tattoo.

As one person put it, it may come back to haunt you. 

Please do not accuse me of judging you. 

I am not here to judge you. 

I just want you to really THINK & STUDY weighing all factors before you do it.

Read this article  prepared by the US Food and Drug Administration who is on a mission to educate and protect consumers about tattoos. It is called THINK before you INK – it includes a fantastic PDF you can distribute to students in your schools.

I have done research and as a Catholic I learned that while

getting a tattoo is not a sin, getting a tattoo CAN be sinful. 

It is a serious decision which should not be taken lightly!

Father Jerry Herda, who serves in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, answers questions in his article  CLICK HERE

Here is great piece written by Msgr. Charles Pope, of the Archdiocese of Washington, he calls it his RANT on tattoos! READ THIS

So, seriously please do ask yourself, read the article! Click on it here  “Why do I want a tattoo?” 

Consider these good reasons why it is not a good idea.



Tattoos can be unhealthy. CLICK HERE to read more.

Tattoos can cause cancer. CLICK HERE to read more.

Research shows that children perceive people with tattoos     as trouble makers. Think long and hard about how having a tattoo could affect your children or profession. Children are often embarrassed of their parent’s tattoos. CLICK HERE to read one of the studies.

Getting a tattoo is expensive. Surely there are better ways to spend your money. Give to a charity!

Getting a tattoo dates you. 
You become a Throwback Thursday person in a very short period of time.What is popular today will not always be popular.

Tattoos can cause relationship conflicts.Having your ex-husband’s name or deceased relatives date of birth permanently on your neck or shoulder can affect the other people in your life. You might be looking to get approval and instead get disdain from a friend, grandmother or co-worker.

Tattoos can get ugly with aging sagging skin. 
CLICK HERE   for a detailed article.

Getting a tattoo is a physically painful experience.

Tattoos can negatively impact your career. READ THIS  

Believe it or not having a tattoo can ruin your reputation.
A scientific research study shows that you may be perceived as being
“abhorrent, repugnant, unsavoury and untidy.”
Why make it hard on yourself by creating the wrong impression to future employers, spouses, team mates? Read the study HERE

Tattoos are permanent. Removing them is both risky and    expensive. You may not be happy with the results. Do you want to learn what you have to go through to get your tattoo removed? CLICK HERE

A new type of business is booming!
Guess what type of business it is! CLICK HERE

Getting tattoos can become seriously addictive.
If you don’t trust me. Google it. Or look at this CLICK HERE

Tattoos can link you to organizations, gangs or religions that you are no longer affiliated with and effect your reputation. A tattoo can jeopardize a new lease on life.

The human brain does not fully develop until you are at least 24 years old. Research shows that and you can read about it RIGHT HERE. You may regret it. 

People with multiple tattoos are more susceptible to other diseases. Read this scientific study.

There are bad tattoo artists. Your tattoo could turn out to be very ugly and you may not be happy with it at all.

Tattoos can get very itchy when exposed to sun. A tanned tattoo can have many nasty consequences. 

Tattoos can be the beginning of the slippery slope. Tattoos specifically among students, are associated with other risky behaviors, here is the scientific report. CLICK HERE

Everyone has tattoos in this day and age. You want to be original? Don’t get a tattoo. It is radical NOT to get one!

You are a Ferrari –  You don’t need bumper stickers!

Getting a tattoo on your lower back can impede your ability to get an epidural when you are in labor.

It can be stressful trying to constantly hide tattoos from either your parents, employers or other important people in your life.

Emotions, grief, midlife or rebellion. Many people end up getting tattoos during remarkable times in their lives. A divorce can make you emotional, the loss of a loved one may force you into despair, or a good old fashioned midlife crisis can stir the need for a little bit of adventure. Research shows over and over again, it is not a good idea to make major life decisions during extraordinary times in our lives! Wait at least a year. Please don’t get a tattoo when you are drunk, tell your friends NOW – not to ever let you do that!

I will never forget the discussion I had with a young girl who wanted to honor her grandmother’s passing by getting a butterfly tattoo. When I asked her to think about whether or not her deceased grandmother would actually like her getting a tattoo – the conversation got stilted and awkward.

I suggested that she do the things that her grandmother would want. We both knew her devout Catholic mother would much prefer masses being offered or either the rosary or Divine Mercy Chaplet be prayed for the repose of her soul.

Pray to the Holy Spirit and ask for God’s guidance. The Holy Spirit will surely help you do what’s right!

Holy Spirit Prayer
Oh, Holy Spirit,
Beloved of my soul…
I adore You,
Enlighten me,
Guide me,
Strengthen me,
Console me,
Tell me what I should do..
Give me Your orders.
I promise to submit myself
to all that You desire of me
and to accept all that
You permit to happen to me.
Let me only know Your Will.
Cardinal Mercier

PS. If you have read this blog post and are thinking,
“Don’t tell me what to do!”
“I don’t care about this or that”

Consider that you may be dealing with a rebellious spirit or an uncaring spirit – Pray about that before you get a tattoo. If you find yourself angry with me, ask yourself why? 

Or, maybe start your own blog, so YOUR voice can be heard. 

PS. If you would like to hear Dorothy on an archived radio program talking about tattoos, CLICK HERE 

Any serious decision requires prayer and discernment. I am sure you agree with that! Let’s both pray for one and another! OK? 

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