1. Who are the speakers this year?      

Dynamic Women of Faith      

Dynamic Women of Faith Conference 2016

Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle, Author, EWTN TV Host
Anne Jamieson, Director of Catechesis, Archdiocese of Hamilton
Deacon Douglas McManaman, Author
Sister Maria Kateri, Sisters of Life
Dorothy Pilarski, Author, Salt & Light TV

Calling ALL Girls

Calling All Girls 2016

Denise Oucharek
Orianna Bertucci
Karen Keays
Kasia Kazanowski
Margaret-Hope McDermott

2. How about lunch?  

This year we are having a catered lunch!  You don’t have to worry about looking for a spot to eat or worry about getting back to the conference on time!  Just sit and relax and enjoy the conversation and laughter at your table! Isn’t that exciting? Over the years many women have mentioned that they would like more time to get to know other women at the conference. Lunch is the perfect way to do it! No more rushing around! Lunch is included in the registration fee – no substitutions! Sorry about that, but the event is run primarily by volunteers and there is only so much we can do!

3. Parking

We are happy to announce that we have free parking this year! Again, over the years moms mentioned that the parking fees were a bit of a strain on the pocket book – so when we booked our venues this year, we had you in mind! Free Parking! Hooray !!!

4. Morning Coffee & Light Breakfast 

We are excited to announce that we will be serving coffee at the conference when you arrive! We will also have a light pastry along with it.

5. Is there going to be a Mass?

We are blessed this year again and again! Since we are hosting our conference at The John Paul 11 Cultural Centre, we are right next door to St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic Church. The church has two masses on Saturday: one in the morning at 8:00am & one at 5:00pm after the conference!
You you can decide which works best for you!
Just visit their website – call their office to confirm the details are up to date.
Here is the link! http://kolbe.ca/liturgy-and-sacraments/sunday-mass-times/

***Please keep checking the website – If we decide to have a communal Mass, we will  inform you.

6. If I register for Dynamic Women of Faith, do I attend Calling ALL Girls?

Both of these events are separate events being organized by our association.
You must register and pay for these program individually.

7. What time do the programs start? What time do they finish?

The Dynamic Women of Faith conference starts at 8:30am SHARP. It finishes at 5:00pm. The DWF conference is being held at The John Paul 11 Polish Cultural Centre http://www.jp2pcc.ca/

The Calling ALL Girls program starts at 7:00pm SHARP. It finishes at 10:00pm. It is being held at a DIFFERENT location from the conference. The CAG event is being held at the Markland Wood Golf Club. Here is there website http://www.marklandwood.com/

8. I have invited my friends for the conference. Is that OK? Can we sit together?

We rely on your help in getting the word out about our events. Thank you for inviting your friends. Keep on inviting women outside the fold. An invitation can be the beginning of a remarkable journey for them! If you have registered on the behalf of others, please make sure to:

****Send us an email with the NAMES of the women you are attending with.
****Have the names written out, in block capitals, along with your paypal receipt and hand it to the registration team the day of the conference. This simple act, will help the registration team.
****If you would like to sit together, please arrive together!

9. When I register will I get a ticket?

No. There are not tickets being issued for the conference.
When you pay for your registration on line, you will get a receipt issued by Paypal. Please bring that receipt as proof of payment on the day of the conference. If you pay by cheque, please be sure to add the HST to the total before writing the cheque.

10. How much do the registrations cost? 

DYNAMIC WOMEN OF FAITH – Saturday March 19, 2016
The EARLY BIRD (Before Feb. 20th)  fee for DWF conference is $55 +HST = $62.15 per person. This includes parking, a light breakfast & lunch. The DWF fee for registrations received after February 20th is $60+HST = $67.80 per person. This includes parking, a light breakfast, lunch and the entire conference program.

CALLING ALL GIRLS – Friday March 18, 2016
The EARLY BIRD  (received before Feb. 20) fee for the CAG event is $22 + HST = $24.86  per person. The fee for registrations received after February 20th is $27+HST = $30.51 per person

11. Where do I register?

You can register online by CLICKING HERE

12. Can I pay by cheque?

Please make the cheques payable to DYNAMIC WOMEN ASSOCIATION OF ONTARIO.**  Mail it to:

DWF Conference, 1077 North Service Rd. Unit 29, BOX 20020, Mississauga, ON L4Y 4L2

13. Will registrations be available at the door, on the day of the events?

We cannot guarantee availability of spots on the day of the events. Since we are having a catered lunch – we need registrations well in advance. We often have sold out. To be guaranteed a spot at either of the events, it is best to register soon. Registration online is the simplest and fastest way to guarantee you a spot.

14. What is the schedule for the Dynamic Women of Faith conference?

We do not have that information available at the moment.

15. What rooms are the events in?

The Calling ALL Girls event is in the Maple Room at the Markland Wood Golf Club
The Dynamic Women of Faith Conference is in one half of the main ballroom in The John Paul 11 Polish Cultural Centre. It will not be hard to find once you walk into the building.

16.  What happens if a speaker can’t make it?

Please note that due to unforeseen circumstances we reserve the right to change speakers (and topics), if one becomes unavailable.

17. What if my schedule changes and I cannot attend?

Please note that Registrations can be transferred but not refunded. 

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