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Book Review: Julia’s Gifts

You can buy this book and support our Ministry: Canada: United States: Excerpt from Julia’s Gifts by Ellen Gable: — “Yes, it was extravagant, especially during wartime. Yes, there were less expensive items she could purchase. It...

Book Review: Playing by Heart

Set in 18th-century Milan, Playing by Heart is a symphony of romance and faith with an undercurrent of social commentary. Will Maria and Emilia’s father sacrifice their futures on the altar of his own ambitions to join the noble class?

Book Review: Single but Not Alone!

You can buy this book HERE by Judy Keane Throughout this book we have discussed the many challenges we face as Catholic singles and the importance of embracing our life in the here and now while remaining open to God’s will and His plan for our future. Any other...

Movie Review: La La Land

In the new romantic musical comedy La La Land, Emma Stone plays Mia, an aspiring actress, and Ryan Gosling plays Sebastian, a musician aiming to open his own pure jazz club and perform as a pianist. The two struggling artists meet, share dreams, and seemingly fall in...

Book Review: A Sea without a Shore

You can buy this book and support our Ministry: Canada: United States: The weary, lonely and brokenhearted are the audience for Jeannie Ewing’s new devotional, A Sea without a Shore. Jeannie Ewing often writes on the meaning of suffering. Her...

Book Review: Advent with Saint Teresa of Calcutta

The newly-canonized Saint Teresa of Calcutta is especially compelling, I think, because many of us remember when she was still alive, serving the most vulnerable and needy. Saint Teresa did more than serve, though–she inspired through her words and her example.

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