Calling All Girls

We are very excited to share this years Calling ALL Girls program with you. You can download the brochure right here:




It’s a time where our girls are getting an onslaught of very powerful and destructive messages from everywhere. Fighting off a culture that is trying to rob girls of their childhood, their innocence and their dignity is no easy task. This short video does an outstanding job helping you see the onslaught of messages a young girl receives.

Having a great mother/daughter relationship is more important NOW then ever. We are committed to helping mothers and their daughters through the tumultuous transitions by hosting events that will illuminate, educate and inspire the next generation of Catholic women. Dynamic Women of Faith has hosted several Calling ALL Girls events. This year’s program is going to be remarkable since we will also be having live entertainment!

Here is an article published in the Catholic Register on the very topic Raising Girls a Challenge Today. Another great read for parents, professionals, journalists and those who are trying to understand the effects that our culture has had on our girls, may want to read a report prepared by the American Psychological Association called the Sexualization of Girls. It is an extraordinary read.

Here is a great article that talks about the importance of the mother daughter relationship. Mothers Role Crucial is a thought provoking read and we would suggest you share it with all of your friends!

Dorothy Pilarski, the founder of Dynamic Women of Faith has often given talks at mother daughter events, both at schools and parishes. Read the description of the talk and talk to your PTA or Student Council about the possibility of inviting her to your school or parish.

If you stumble across any great websites, books, resources or speakers that deal further with these issues, we would love if you could shore them with us.

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