Monica Kusatz McConkey

Monica Kusatz McConkey, mom of 5, is usually blogging about Catholic crafts at  The Catholic teaching tools she has developed are available through Arma Dei, the Catholic family publishing company . She is one of the founders of the Catholic Bloggers Network.

Do you need a life long confession?

I was speaking with my spiritual director and confessor. Almost as an afterthought, I told him that sometimes I didn’t feel forgiven, even after confession. He explained that it was possible to be over scrupulous, but he also mentioned the lifelong confession. I knew...

On a Double Decker Bus in Rome

The biggest influence on my Faith and prayer life has been a special priest I have known for almost 22 years. In these years of friendship, homilies and spiritual direction, I’ve picked up a pretty prominent theme from his teaching and from his example. I believe Fr...

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