Colleen Hammond

Colleen Hammond is the author of Dressing with Dignity, and is writing a new book and video series on how to dress for your body type, coloring, age and event. Join Colleen's mailing list for exclusive content, giveaways and more at

Top Ten Table Manners

Good table manners aren’t just about making your mother happy. Whether we care to acknowledge it or not, how we eat is an outward sign of our inner personality and character. By teaching table manners early and often, they’ll become second nature. Has your family...

Ten Tips for Holiday Party Outfits

  Tis the season for holiday parties — and the stress of what to wear to them. Sometimes those bells you hear aren’t the Salvation Army, but warning bells of panic that accompany that alarmed feeling of making a fashion faux pas. The goal? Dress festive but...

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